My name is Noriko Mineo.I live in Kanagawa-pref,Japan.
My family members are 7 standard dachshunds named "Coo,Kirin,Yebisu,Malt's,Lager, Hop and Pils", and my husband.
I married him in 2002. His name is "Masahito". He is a public servant.
I am a full-time housewife and take care of my dogs every day with my husband.
We are members of "The Dachshund Club of America" and "Japan Kennel Club(FCI/Registration)".

My first encounter to dachshund was when I adopted a female standard smooth dachshund
whom the last owner had not been able to keep and had been about to terminate a life of.
I've got to know a lot of charm of dachshunds while happily living with her.
She died of a hereditary disorder at 6 years old.
"Coo" is the next dachshund joined to my family.
My husband has been devoting an attention to Coo even before our marriage.
Coo sleeps with us every night and usually comes to shopping with us.On weekends, we all travel together.
Later on, we got another one called "Kirin" and we've been having a lot of fun everyday all together as ever.
Coo had babies on June 12, 2006. They are our first litter. We kept one girl, and named her "Yebisu".
We visited America with our dog"Kirin" for hybridization next year.
Kirin had babies on December 26, 2007. They are our second litter. We kept one girl, and named her "Malt's".
We visited America with our dog"Yebisu" for hybridization in 2010 again.
Yebisu had babies on March 20, 2010. They are our third litter.We kept one girl, and named her "Lager".
Then,After the showing in America Malt's visited America for hybridization in 2012 with us again.
Malt's had only one baby on March 24,2012.The boy is "Hop" who we kept.
Then,Lager had babies on August 22,2013.They are our fifth litter.
Their sire is our boy "Hop".We kept one boy "Pils".

We started participating in a dog show with an good opportunity when Coo was 1 years old.
Since we want to know more about dachshunds, we enjoy the dog show together with our own dogs
while my husband is trying the best to be a good handler to them.
Our boy "Hop" enjoys showing in the ring with him now.
We both love the dachshunds very much!!All the dogs are living inside the house with the family all the time.
Although we have many dachshunds in Japan now, there are only a few standard smooth dachshunds among them.

We do not have a large number of dogs and therefore do not have puppies all the time.
The most important thing is the dogs are one of a member of the family.
We think that to be a show-dogs and breeding are the second.
We do not like frequent breeding.
We breed on a limited basis as well feel that our dogs should be raised and live in our homes with us
and deserve special individual attention.
We take pride in our dogs and the limited breeding's that we do.Our breeding deliberates long time,and we plan breeding.
We health test our dogs in order to ensure we have done everything possible to produce healthy and happy long lived dogs.
Our goal is to produce healthy dogs with good temperament.
Through this Homepage, we would like to meet and build a good relationship with those who love standard smooth dachshunds.
Please take a look at our dogs.

We hope all the dachshunds in this world to be happy!!

Please feel free to e-mail or phone us with any questions or comments that you may have concerning upcoming litters,
our kennel "Heil Rollen" and the standard smooth dachshund.
We welcome your visit!! We appreciate if you contact us in good time before you want to come and meet.

Masahito&Noriko Mineo

Member of Dachshund Club of America
Registration:Japan Kennel Club(FCI)

5-9-19 Kamitsuchidananaka,
252-1113 JAPAN



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